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Violence Intervention Services

Stalking Incident & Behavior Log

It is crucial that stalking victims maintain a log of what has happened to them. Recording this detailed information will help to justify the need for an Order of Protection and can help with criminal prosecution in getting custody of children assigned to the victim, when the stalker is also seeking custody. If the case leads to a trial, these logs will help you recall specific details about incidents that may have happened some time ago.

The stalking log should be used to document all stalking-related behavior, including harassing phone calls, e-mails, letters, property destruction, and threats, including those communicated through a third party.

  • When reporting the incidents to law enforcement, always write down the officer's name and badge number for your own records.
  • Even if the officers do not make an arrest, you can ask them to make a written report and request a copy for your records. Since this information could potentially be introduced as evidence or inadvertently shared with the stalker at a future time, do not include any information that you do not want the offender to see.
  • Attach a photograph of the stalker, photocopies of Protection Orders, police reports, and other relevant documents. Keep the log in a safe place and tell someone you trust where you keep the log.
  • Documenting stalking behavior can be a difficult and emotionally exhausting task. An advocate can provide support, information about the options available to you, and assistance with safety planning.
  • Download the Incident and Behavior Log
  • This information is provided by the National Center for Victim’s of Crime Stalking Resource Center, 202-467-8700,