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Violence Intervention Services

What is your relationship like?

  • Do you feel that something is wrong with your relationship, but you don’t know how to describe it?
  • Do you feel that your partner controls your life?
  • Do you feel that your partner does not value your thoughts or feelings?
  • Will your partner do anything to win an argument, such as put you down, threaten or intimidate you?
  • Does your partner get angry and jealous if you talk to someone else? Are you accused of having affairs?
  • Do you feel that you cannot do anything right in your partner’s eyes?
  • Are you told that no one else would want you, or that you are lucky your partner takes care of you?
  • Do you have to account for every moment of your time?
  • When you try to talk to your partner about problems, are you called names?
  • Does your partner prevent you from going to work or school, or from learning English?
  • If you wish to spend money, does your partner make you account for every penny, or say you don’t deserve anything?
  • Does your partner threaten to withdraw your sponsorship or send you back to your country of origin?
  • After an argument, does your partner insist that you have sex.
  • Does your partner use the children against you in arguments? Does your partner threaten that you will never see the children again if you leave?
  • Does your partner blame you for everything that goes wrong?